As an adventurous trio we are concerned about the music of today. What is the music that we need now, in this moment? It might be different every time, depending on our mood, our company, our taste. That’s why we have to remix our soundscape everyday anew. In JUKEBOX we have the chance to make an instant composition, to assemble the perfect mixtape of the moment like a disc jockey.

Everyone is part of the game: You and all your neighbors in the audience are playing the game collectively and Down The Rabbit Hole is coming with percussion, cello and clarinet and all that can make music to discover with you the mixtape of today.

In order to make a good mix our ears need to be very awake and sensitive for small changes –  let’s imagine and listen to the smallest, smoothest, softest sounds we can produce. Can listening be as pleasant as tasting delicious food? When does listening stop and imagination of sound start?

Now our ear and our imagination are prepared and the game already has started, you can start to build collectively the song of the day. The rules of the game are also music: this time we don’t need to talk to take decisions, with movements, sounds and signs the mix of the day will emerge.

The basic musical material for JUKEBOX derives from three composers, two of them are based in Belgium: Thierry de Mey (musique de table, 1987) and David Helbich (earpieces, 2015) and British composer James Saunders (all the things we make you do, 2017) who collaborates with Down the Rabbit Hole especially for this project, defining the functioning of interaction with the young audience. The piece by James Saunders is as a musical material extremely custom made and will respond to the audience’s interests.

Let’s fall Down the Rabbit Hole together for a great JUKEBOX – ….

Join Down The Rabbit Hole for JUKEBOX – a mix of groovy rhythms, original folk tunes, radio senders, soundscapes and your personal taste of the moment.


Filipa Botelho/clarinet
Hanna Kölbel/violoncello
Kaja Farszky/percussion