Katie Vickers

Katie Vickers, an American artist who lives in Brussels, Inga Huld Hákonardóttir an Icelandic dancer/choreographer living in Brussels and Rebecka Stillman a Swedish dancer / choreographer based in Stockholm worked during several weeks in ‘De School van Gaasbeek’ on their creation WE WILL HAV HAD DARKER FUTURES.
Premiere on the 17th and the 128th of March in ‘de Singel’.


De fotocredits Inga Hákonardóttir

We Will Have Had Darker Futures attempts to weave together the past, present and future; to ask the present to welcome a desirable future by acknowledging the past, and to mix it all up into a time loop allowing our sense of temporality to be blurred. We Will Have Had Darker Futuresthinks of possible new futures through daydreaming, language, and dance while continually emphasizing the passage of time in the act of collective finger knitting. Playing with our sense of anticipation, We Will Have Had Darker Futures is a short term detachment from our immediate surroundings, a visionary parallel reality that contemplates the bounds between past and present. The aim is no less than making the future into a blank page that is ours.